The Book of They

The Book of They  published by Finch Publishing. 2017.

The Book of They published by Finch Publishing. 2017.

"There's a little bit of 'They' in all of us..."

Peter Berner returns with an embarrassing tour through everyday relationships with his new book of illustrations, The Book of They

Containing 80 new and hilarious original illustrations by Peter Berner, The Book of They lifts the lid on our limitations in relationships and coupledom. Berner's skewed sense of humour jumps off the page and everyone gets a serve! Hipsters, mothers, hedge fund managers, documentary makers, grumpy men and coffee drinkers are gently, and sometimes not so gently, mocked as they go about their daily business.

The Book of He

The Book of He  published by Finch Publishing .2015.

The Book of He published by Finch Publishing .2015.

"He came, He saw, He tried not to get in the way..."

In The Book of He, Peter Berner has created a collection of original humourous illustrations which take a very droll look at modern life from the perspective of a very ordinary man, simply known as He, who has no desire to be anything but ordinary.

"A perfect take down of modern life. This is Berner at his best. Who knew there were so many things to complain about? But good on Peter for finding a way."

- Paul Murray, Paul Murray Live

"He is hilarious. And so is Peter Berner. Loved it."

- Amanda Keller, WSFM & The Living Room